Using OpenStreetMap on the go!

We love OpenStreetMap because is Open Data. Open Data means more innovation. OSM data can be used both offline and online. They can be loaded on your handheld Sat-Nav.

If you looking for an offline maps on your smartphone then you have no choice to try any the recommendations below. The beauty is you everyone is part of OSM. You can places of interests (POIs) that have not been mapped from these applications.


OsmAnd heavily relies on OSM and its community. Honestly saying, OsmAnd wouldn’t exist without that great community. When we started implementing OsmAnd Live, we immediately decided that it should not be only a paid service, but a donation service as well.


MAPS.ME gives you free, offline detailed independent maps with step-by-step navigation powered by OpenStreetMap

For more applications visit Mobile Software OSM Wiki page

Enock Seth Nyamador

Enock Seth Nyamador

Open Source evangelist. FOSSGIS Specialist and enthusiast